17 important reasons to start traveling right away

Journey! A word that brings to mind memories, flavors, smells, euphoria. A trip can be expensive but in the long run they reward you in a way that far exceeds costs.

Travel is an investment, an experience that you can have once in your life, since no matter how many routes you will follow, it will be not like the previous or the next one. A journey revives you, it gives you back all the energy that you have lost. 

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1. Travels improve our ability to solve problems that affect our everyday lives.

2. You understand that true happiness is not bought !

3. Travels create the best stories to remember.

4. Travel experiences promote brain health.

5. Traveling make us smarter and more creative, as we come in contact with new images, cultures, tastes and people.

6. Appreciate your life.

7. Your trips teach you how important it is to make friends.

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8. Through travel you can be better at managing your finances.

9. Through the travel you learn about new food cultures.

10. Holidays cut the risk of heart disease.

11. Couples traveling together report a greater sense of intimacy with each other and an improvement in their relationship.

12. The money we spend on trips makes us happier than spending them on tangible goods, according to surveys.

13. After one or two days in a new place, 89% of people show a significant reduction in anxiety.

14.  Why to live on such a beautiful planet if you can not explore it.

15. Living as a tourist is basically one of the best things someone can do in his life.

16. You will find new ways to communicate.

17. On trips you meet the most curious but interesting people.