COVID-19: Safest Destinations to visit in Europe

Many European countries have started to re-open their borders to eager tourists. The European Best Destinations website dedicated to the promotion of European tourism announced the list of the safest destinations of coronavirus. They chose some of the destinations least affected by Covid-19 (up to 600 times fewer Covid-19 cases). 


These destinations have also implemented precise protocols concerning hygiene in accommodations, restaurants, shops, and measures such as the change of air conditioning filters between each traveler's stay, availability of protective masks, and social distancing.

See the list of destinations: 

1. Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Corfu, Greece

3.Cavtat, Croatia

4.Madeira Islands, Portugal

5. The Azores, Portugal

6. Preveza, Greece

7. Oradea, Romania

8. The Alentejo, Portugal

9. Batumi, Adjara - Georgia

10. Zagreb, Croatia

11. The Algarve, Portugal

12. Sibiu, Romania

13. Kotor, Montenegro


14. Rijeka, Croatia

15. Warsaw, Poland

16. Vienna, Austria

17. Bohinj, Slovenia

18. Malta

19. Gdansk, Poland

20. Vilnius, Lithuania

21. Riga, Latvia

22. Wild Taiga, Finland