MIT geniuses create a flight search that yields the lowest prices in the world

A new app comes and helps us discover new destinations for travel around the world based on the price of flights!

The application is called Escape and is the result of a work by MIT Senseable City Lab students. Escape shows you at any time which are the cheapest flights from the airport of your choice to a variety of destinations on set dates, according to Market Watch.

If you travel often, then you surely know that there is nothing more tiring than searching for cheaper airline tickets. This application will make you save time and money.

Basically it works like a search engine. You define your city - your starting point and the application shows the (cheapest) choices you can make for different destinations

You can try it here.

How does the Great Escape work?

You choose the location you will depart from and the dates you wish to travel. The map will then show you the cheapest routes that stand out with different colors.

You choose the country and the city you want to travel to and then choose from where you can book these tickets. So simple and fast.

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