This map of NYC’s BEST Bars and Restaurants will Save You Time and Money

Wondering where you should be eating or having a drink in New York City right now? New York is huge and has so many places and shops to explore. But when you are hungry or want desperately something to drink what do you do? We have all been in this situation and most of us are losing time by searching on the cell phone where to find the perfect place for food or drink in a particular location of the city.

But now all that information is in one well-organised map you could access at any time thanks to a Reddit user named Jagrafess . This New Yorker posted a very useful map that shows the best bars and restaurants of New York City based on recommendations by the city’s most trustworthy online sources. The following map contains almost 600 highly recommended eateries, from Mexican to Italian food and much more that you will find in all the 5 boroughs.