Watch the Empire State Building Being Struck by Lighting

The iconic New York City skyscraper is one of the major Manhattan landmarks and it was officially opened on May 1, 1931. The Empire State Building is located at 350 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, on the street's west side between 33rd and 34th Streets. The building is so large that it uses its own ZIP code of 10118.It is 1,452 feet tall with over 100 stories. It has 6,500 windows; 73 elevators; a total floor area of 257,211 m2; and a base covering 8,094 m2.  The Empire State Building won a gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating in September 2011 as $120 million was spent in an effort to transform the building into a more energy efficient and eco-friendly structure, with the goal of reducing energy emissions by 38% within five years.

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Due to its composition that is made of 730 tons of aluminum and stainless steel , the structure is susceptible to being struck by lightning and specifically, the Empire State Building is hit roughly by lighting 23 times annually on average. 

Henrik Moltke captured a stunning video showing a bolt of lightning hit the spire on the Empire State Building during a storm passing through New York City.