10 Things to See and Do on the Amalfi Coast

UNESCO heritage, Amalfi coast is a fantastic coastline stretch at the South of Italy away from the Sorrentino Peninsula. It is a promisingly beautiful coastline and one of the perfect holiday destinations. The beauty of the Amalfi region is beyond expectation and cannot be captured within your eyes.

Amalfi Encompasses Many Wonders But Listing Few:

1. Lemoncello

Amalfi coast is blessed with this divine fruit, so juicy. Here foodies can enjoy the lemon flavor as it is an indispensable ingredient of many Italian dishes.     

2. Sea Turtles in Sorrento

It is another beautiful sight to see loggerhead sea turtles, beautiful fishes, Octopus laying their eggs along with the cliffs of Sorrento. Feel free to plan a boat tour to enjoy marine & aquatic diversity.    

3. Architectural Attractions

A top-rated romantic destination with great historical spots, the unforgettable bronze door 1000 years old built on Amalfi cathedral.


4. Magic of Wonder Woman

The movie Wonder Woman released in 2017, showcasing the Amalfi coast. The unforgettable release has made a tremendous impact on the destination. Villa Cimbrone holds best gardens of the Mediterranean in Ravello.

5. Famous Honeymoon Destination

It is a hot spot for Hollywood couples and many more who want to spend their honeymoon's best moments. So, add the wonderful Amalfi coastline into your bucket list to create memories.

6. Land of Tunas and Anchovies

Amalfi coast is a foodie’s paradise! It serves delightful, freshly caught tunas and anchovies. The species found on Amalfi beach are exported internationally all over the world. Sushi of Japan is made out of them for that delicious punch.


7. Bamba Gina Never Tried Paper

The locally handmade paper extensively used to make decent and elegant greeting cards and wedding invitations across the world. A lot of effort and hard work is put in to produce this exceptional product. It is refined paper quality which is appreciated at the Royal desk too.

8. Magnificent Churches

The Roman Catholic cathedral and breathtaking cathedral architecture are located at the center of the town. These churches are now transformed into shops hotels for tourist attraction.

9. Foodies Destination

If you're fond of cheese, this is the best place to reach. Best tasted Buffalo mozzarella cheese the fine product generated from the Milky Mountains of the Amalfi coastline. 

Note, the cheese is consumed fresh and not kept to be preserved.

10. Ocean of Sirens

Anciently Greeks discovered aquatic species called sirens known for their charming sound. This beautiful feature offers an exclusive charm of the coastline.



These magnificent sites are gaining limelight and more tourism. So, pack your bags and dive into the beauty of Amalfi coast.