10 beaches in New York

10 beaches in New York

In this article we will see 8 beaches that you can visit in New York and its surroundings.

Beaches of New York

What are the most beautiful beaches to go to the beach in New York?


Coney Island is the seaside beach of New York. It is a residential area of Brooklyn, which is a relaxing and entertainment destination every summer.

To reach Coney Island, take the D or N subway lines that are the fastest and stop at Coney Island / Stillwell Avenue. Trains Q and F take longer.


Brighton Beach is close to Coney Island, but it is much quieter. Brighton beach is also known as Little Russia in New York. Here lives a colony of Russians and is the only post in New York where you can drink vodka on the beach.


It is close to Brighton Beach and is a smaller, family-run beach just behind a playground, making it the perfect place for families.