50 Things That Are Considered Totally Normal In New York City…But Nowhere Else

New York City is a place like no other. With its bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and diverse culture, it's no wonder that the Big Apple has a reputation for being a little bit... strange. From the way we talk to the way we dress, there are certain things that are just considered totally normal in the city that never sleeps, but might raise some eyebrows elsewhere. So, without further ado, here are 50 things that are considered totally normal in New York City, but nowhere else.

1. Eating a slice of pizza at any time of the day

2. Knowing the names of all the actors in the Broadway shows

3. Taking the subway... everywhere

4. Ordering a bagel with lox and cream cheese for breakfast

5. Ordering a coffee with a shot of espresso

6. Going to the bodega for snacks or a single cigarette

7. Wearing all black, even in the summer

8. Going to a rooftop bar for a night out

9. Spending hundreds of dollars on designer clothes

10. Seeing a Starbucks on every corner

11. Going to a speakeasy for a cocktail

12. Taking an Uber to the airport

13. Eating in a Michelin star restaurant

14. Taking a spin class at 6am

15. Owning a bike but never using it


16. Eating lunch at a food truck every day

17. Going to a rooftop yoga class

18. Spending all your money at the weekend farmer’s market

19. Going to a rooftop pool party

20. Eating an ice cream cone in the park

21. Taking a selfie with the Empire State Building in the background

22. Taking a helicopter ride over the city

23. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans to a fancy restaurant

24. Taking an Uber to the airport

25. Riding the Staten Island Ferry

26. Going to a dim sum restaurant for breakfast

27. Going to a speakeasy for a cocktail

28. Going to the Met for a day of art

29. Spending all your money at the local vintage store

30. Taking a yoga class in Central Park


31. Eating hot dogs from a street cart

32. Having an extensive knowledge of the latest art exhibitions

33. Walking everywhere, no matter the distance

34. Wearing designer shades at all times

35. Going to the High Line for a day of relaxation

38. Taking subway selfies

39. Being able to name all the bridges in the city

40. Going to an outdoor movie screening in the park

41. Knowing which street corners have the best street performers

42. Going to a restaurant for brunch that doesn't open until noon


43. Waiting in line for hours for the newest food trend

44. Having an opinion on which borough is the best

45. Going to a rooftop party and taking selfies with the skyline

46. Making conversation with strangers on the bus or subway

47. Having a favorite street vendor for food or souvenirs

48. Taking the ferry to work

49. Walking through Times Square without feeling overwhelmed

50. Paying huge prices for small apartments with no amenities