8 Facts about the Flatiron Building you should know

Flatiron Building, designed by the American architect Daniel Burnham, is one of the most iconic buildings in New York. Known for its unique shape with 21 floors and 94 meters high, it fits into the narrow plot at the junction of Firth Avenue with Broadway. 

Even though it is a very famous building, we present you 8 facts about Flatiron Building that you might don’t know.

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1. It was originally designed to house the headquarters of the large George A. Fuller Construction Company of Chicago.

2.His construction took just one year and at the time it was completed in 1902, Flatiron Building was one of the tallest buildings in New York City with  20 floors and 285-foot (86.9 m) highl.

3. It is going to be converted into a hotel from the Italian real estate company Sorgente Group which wants to convert the historic building with offices into a luxury building and construction will begin in 2020.

4. In 1911, a nightclub opened in the basement of Flatiron Building and a remarkable fact is that this club was the first with  a black Jazz band to perform.

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5.A free window-like gallery, the Sprint Flatiron Prow Artspace, is housed on the ground floor of the glass-walled Flatiron Building. 

6. Male and female bathrooms are on separate floors. Male bathrooms are on even floors and female bathrooms are on odd floors.

7. There’s only a single staircase in case evacuation is needed.

8. To reach the top floor on the 21st floor, you need to take a separate elevator on the 20th floor.