One useful map with every open bathroom in New York City

Whether you are a tourist and you’re out for a long time sightseeing or you are a permanent resident, you will surely find yourself stuck in New York City’s traffic or at the overcrowded Times Square and you just need a bathroom to use.

Here’s a very useful map with every open bathroom - and not just public restroom- in the city.  ‘Cause it’s not always easy to find a public toilet and some places allow only customers to use their facilities.

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Well, Dr. Wansoo, the creator of, with a PhD in Urban Planning and professor at Rutgers University, among other interesting and helpful projects, he developed a community participation-based interactive map of every bathroom in the five boroughs of New York - Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island that it’s accessible to everyone.

Even though the map was originally posted on the Uber Drivers Forum, now it is available here and categorized into six sections: public, coffee shop, book store, hotel, fast food, and other.

Access the NYC restroom map here.