These are the best airlines in America

We all love to travel and more especially above the clouds on an  airplane. But there are many difficulties that travelers have to been through such as  luggage getting lost, planes getting delayed, connections missed so they have to be careful which airline they choose to travel with.

In the following, you will see America’s 10 best airlines according to rating reports based on a series of factors including on-time performance, denied boarding, mishandled baggage , and customers complaints. The best airline in America for 2022 has been voted JetBlue Airways.

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The airline industry, as a whole, has shown improvement over the past year. Most airlines are having increased profits earned from lower fuel costs and investing them into their in-flight experiences. Customers have been more satisfied as the flight experience has been improved, the ticket prices have fallen and there were more on-time arrivals, and fewer cancellations.

The Best Airlines in America: First/Business Class

1. JetBlue Airways
2. Alaska Airlines
3. Delta Air Lines
4. Air Canada
5. United Airlines
6. American Airlines

The Best Airlines in America: Premium Economy

1. JetBlue Airways
2. Delta Air Lines
3. Alaska Airlines
4. American Airlines
5. United Airlines
6. Air Canada

The Best Airlines in America: Economy/Basic Economy

1. Southwest Airlines
2. JetBlue Airways
3. Delta Air Lines
4. Allegiant Air
5. Alaska Airlines
6. Air Canada
7. United Airlines
8. Spirit Airlines
9. American Airlines
10. Frontier Airlines
11. WestJet