These cities have been named the best in the world for 2023

It's difficult for me to provide a list of the "best" cities in 2023, as what people consider to be the best can vary greatly depending on personal preferences, needs, and priorities. Some people might prioritize a city's culture and history, while others might value a city's job market or quality of life.

However, here is a list of some popular and well-regarded cities worldwide known for their unique attractions and qualities.

Here are the top ten best cities in the world, according toResonance:

Tokyo, Japan - Offers an electrifying blend of the modern and ancient making it a must-see destination. Gleaming skies with skyscrapers gleam in contrast to the tradition and religious heritage of centuries old temples and shrines tranquilly tucked amongst the vibrant, beating heart of this metropolis.

London, England - A multicultural city with a rich history, world-class museums and a diverse food scene.

Paris, France - Often referred to as the "City of Light," Paris is known for its stunning architecture and world-famous museums, including the Louvre, Muséé d'Orsay, Jardin des Plantes Zoo, Pompidou museum, which are filled with fabulous expositions which allow visitors to have a gratifying journey into art and history dating centuries ago and charming cafés.

New York City, USA - The "city that never sleeps," known for its iconic skyline, diverse neighborhoods, and endless entertainment options, such as Broadway theatre shows and delicious restaurants in the busy Times Square area. 

Rome, Italy - Home to some of the world's most iconic monuments, an incredible food scene and lively nightlife. Whether you want to take a romantic gondola ride in the shadows of ancient ruins or shop in bustling street markets, Rome has plenty to offer to experience seekers.


Barcelona, Spain - A city steeped in culture, art and architecture, often referred to as the "Gothic gem of Europe." From the intricate, winding alleys of the Gothic quarter to the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia cathedral, you're sure to be overwhelmed with world-class works of art, history and design in this cosmopolitan city.

Singapore - Known for its cleanliness, order, and strict laws, this city-state also has diverse cultural influences that can be seen in its architecture, festivals, and food.

Dubai, UAE - A city of skyscrapers, stunning beaches, luxury shopping, and a major hub for business and tourism.

Madrid, Spain - A vibrant city known for its art and culture, great food, and stunning parks. The Museo Nacional Reina Sofía is just one spot not to be missed.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Famous for its canals, impressive architecture, and vibrant nightlife, this artsy city will offer plenty to explore.

Remember that the ranking and even the cities themselves can change based on many factors, like politics, tourism trends, economic fluctuations, and more