This 14000 Mile Journey Is the World's Longest Continuous Walk

Have you ever wondered what is the longest route a man could travel on foot, without the need for flights, ferries or other boat crossings?

It is the potentially longest walking route in the world, a route of approximately 22,387 kilometers starting from Cape Town and ending in Russia. Reddit user cbz3000 drew up this lengthy route on Google Maps in 2019.

Starting at Cape Town in South Africa, this uninterrupted trail passes through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Romania and Belarus. As you understand, it is not the safest route, as you will cross through dangerous locations with high crime rates.

Map created using Google Maps

If you decide to set foot on this difficult path (according to brilliantmaps), it will be a journey of 4,492 hours of walking, i.e. 187 days of non-stop walking, something humanly impossible. So, assuming an average hiking pace of 8 hours a day, the journey would actually take 562 days.

If what you are reading does not discourage you and you are ready to discover this exhausting route, you should know that you will cross 17 countries, six time zones and you will be faced with different seasons and weather conditions. The journey on this longest walking road was compared to 13 trips up and down Mount Everest, as during the trip you would climb a total of 117,693 meters and descend 117,686 meters.