This Interactive Map Shows All The Pasta Dishes You Can Taste Across Italy

Who doesn't love pasta! You can try them in different shapes, with different types of sauce; it's the perfect customizable dish. Fusilli, macaroni, penne, tortellini and so much more for every taste. With red sauce, with white sauce, with olive oil, with cheese and egg and so many recipes, traditional but also alternative, and so much deliciousness that you can't imagine.

And of course, there's no denying that Italy is the best place to enjoy a delicious serving of pasta. But did you know that each region has its own specialty and is famous for a certain pasta dish?

So we have the solution for you, an interactive Italian map with the different types of pasta that you can taste throughout the country. Reddit user Sticcia posted this gloriously detailed Italian Pasta Map from Taste Atlas. Looking at the map, you'll see that in the north of Italy there are hearty dishes like Lasagne Alla Bolognese and Pizzoccheri Alla Valtellinese, while in the southern part of the country you'll see more seafood, like pasta with mussels or black squid ink.

Take a look at the pasta map of Italy and maybe you'll feel like taking a delicious trip to Italy or simply try one of the dishes at your home.

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Click here to see the map in a larger size.