This Italian city has been named the best food destination for 2023

Are you planning your next trip? If you're a foodie and enjoy getting to know a country's culture by trying new flavors, then it's worth checking out TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice list of the world's best food destinations. 

Tastes and food preferences are purely subjective, but TripAdvisor has attempted to compile a list of the world's best food destinations for 2023. Places were ranked based on the quantity and quality of travel reviews submitted during last year on the platform.

And so, according to TripAdvisor, the best food destination in the world is Rome and not without reason! Pasta, ice cream, pizza... There are also other Italian cities on the list: Florence, which came in fourth place, and Naples, which came in eighth.

Seven of the top 10 food locations are European cities, while the only non-European locations to make the top ten are Hanoi, Vietnam, New Orleans, USA and Jamaica.

Here are the ten best food destinations for 2023, according to TripAdvisor.

Rome, Italy
Crete, Greece
Hanoi, Vietnam
Florence, Italy
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Naples, Italy
New Orleans, USA