Top 4 things to do in Capri, Italy

Whenever you visit some recreational location, you're eager to see it all at one sight. And even sometimes, you hear about the beauty of the place a lot that your curiosity drives you to the place itself. In these moments, what do you want the most? A guide! That can assist you best as to what to do and where to go first. 

Capri is a famous holiday destination in Italy, located just off the Amalfi Coast. And there's so much to see that you cannot do it on your own. So, either you're visiting Capri for a day or for a long vacation, this blog will help you invest your time best. 

Now, without further ado, let's see the top things you can do in Capri, Italy.

1. Blue Grotto

If you're visiting Capri, then surely you might have heard a lot about its blue color waters. Yes, the Blue Grotto. There's so much to see on Capri Island, but the Blue Grotto is, without a doubt, the most essential place to visit. 

It is famous for its blue color and crystal clear waters. And there's this interesting thing about Capri that the Rome emperor Tiberius was so caught up by its beauty and spent much of his reign in a villa facing the mainland. During his time, the Capri's Grotto Azure was in his use, as it was the emperor's private swimming pool.  


2. Mount Solaro

If you're visiting Capri only for a single and you want to see most of the Capri, then having a brief top view is the best option. Mount Solaro is the Island's highest point that gives you a sneak peek of almost everything. 

Moreover, hiking this mountain is an easy task for anyone in good condition, as the hiking path is quite steady. So, don't worry about the hiking part. Even it's fun hiking to the top of the mountain while enjoying the flowers of the island on your way up. Also, you can take a single-seat chairlift to the top of the mountain, as well. 


3. The Gardens Of Augustus

Are you looking for something fascinating to visit and that too within your bucks? Then, the Gardens of Augustus are the best place for you. They are not that vast, but definitely worth the visit before you die. The entry cost is just 1 EUR. 

Furthermore, the best time to visit these gardens is either spring or the start of summer, when the flowers start to blossom. These gardens are rich in Mediterranean flora and are definitely enchanting to the eyes. Plus, the gardens' back gives the same breathtaking view as the front, along with the famous Faraglioni rocks and the boats zipping the sea. 


4. Via Krupp

You might have seen the interesting twisting paths of Capri a lot in pictures. The Via Krupp, they're so weirdly interesting with their hairpin bends that they beg to be photographed. 

Via Krupp is Capri's landmark, and it got its name from the German industrialist, Friedrich Krupp. The fact worth mentioning is that it is mostly closed due to the danger of surrounding cliffs. But, don't worry. The top view of Via Krupp is more fascinating than walking the path by yourself. You can view Via Krupp by the terrace at the back of Augustus' Gardens.