Top Things to Do on a Rainy Day in New York City

Waking up to a rainy day might feel like a lost day, but when you are in NYC! You can rest assured that you will find ample things to do. Here is our quick guide to help you make the most on a rainy day in NYC!

One of the best things to do when in NYC is to try out some food! There are times when you leave the city without trying on what it really has to offer. This mostly happens due to lack of planning, and one's need to eat anything that shows up near us or is familiar. 


Apart from the famous restaurants, what makes the NYC food scene special are their indoor food markets. Offering you endless options based on your budget and taste. 

Chelsea Market - The best place to be on a rainy day, the market offers a great selection of food range, shops, bookstores, small stalls, and even restaurants. Offering you a well-rounded experience based on your personal choices.

Eataly - An Italian market that is located in two different spots in NYC! Yes, so no matter where you are in NYC you can head to the Eataly that is near you. Offering a range of pasta, sweets, bread, cheese, wine, and other fresh produce. 

Gansevoort - A rustic and industrial gourmet market located in the Meatpacking district. The space is not too big but is a great pick for individuals looking for gourmet products. Each stall comes with a history of its own while offering some great options. 

Urbanspace Vanderbilt - A food hall serving more than twenty options to choose from. Along with a comfortable seating area near Grand Central Terminal. Offering you something special based on the cuisine of your choice. 


Explore Some Museums

While you might feel museums will be packed on a rainy day, remember there are approximately 100 museums in NYC. each one offering a unique experience in itself. It's best to do your research beforehand and pick a museum you will be interested in visiting. Remember with that many choices it's not about killing time on a rainy day, it's about having fun. 

For those on a tight budget, you can find museums that do not require a ticket. Or look for one that offers free entrance on specific days and times.


Shopping At Outlets 

The best thing about shopping in NYC is that it does not require you to drop some hard cold cash. For those looking for a more budget-related shopping experience, it's best to shop at outlets. Here you can find endless designer choices at an affordable price range. Making sure you can shop your heart out without breaking the bank. Start your journey from Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlington, and Century 21 stores. Or you can head to an outlet mall for a full shopping day experience. Offering a huge selection of brands, along with food and coffee to help your experience be more pleasurable.

Attending a Broadway Show

You might not be a show person, but attending a Broadway show will change the way you feel about stage shows! What makes broadway shows so much fun is their uniqueness. Here you can find anything that might interest you and keeps you busy for hours to come. Making it a great choice for a rainy day in NYC. To ensure a good experience we suggest you check for shows online and purchase tickets online as well. There is a good chance you will find an online discount!

However, those who have no interest in stage shows can make their way to the nearest cinema. Picking from a range of latest movies as you indulge in a range of delicious snacks.