Travel to Santorini: how much money will I need?

Have you ever thought of traveling to Santorini? Enjoy the incredible beaches of the island and the magical sunset from the caldera? But many questions will fill your mind ... like how much money do you need? Is the island expensive? What is the tourist life in Santorini?

Santorini is one of the most famous islands in the world with millions of tourists every year. It is an island in the southern Aegean, southeast of mainland Greece. For many it is a lifetime dream to visit this place.

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How much money will you need to travel to Santorini?

Once someone decides to travel to Santorini, the first thing to do is to close a flight. The cost of a ticket depends on where you are traveling from. You can sail by boat to Santorini and Athens.

However, when booking the flight, it is necessary to do so at least two months in advance. The island is a destination with great demand. Ferry tickets from the port of Piraeus will cost you 38.00 € - 60.00 € and the duration of the trip is 4 hours - 9 hours.

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Hotels in Santorini

Hotel prices in Santorini vary in quality and facilities. In fact, you can find hostels with a shared bathroom of only 18 € per night. There is also a good standard room rate of 40 € per night.

If you have a low budget, you can enjoy Santorini from a luxurious hotel with a private pool with stunning views. There are 5-star luxury hotels where night costs start at 650 € per night. You can book a hotel from here.

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How much is the food in Santorini?

The price of food varies depending on what you are willing to spend. You can eat a snack with only 4 €. Breakfast and lunch are also around 5 - 8 €, so if your trip is low, consider a budget of about 30 € per day for food.

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant, consider that each meal can be between 10-30 €. In this case, the daily budget for food will be about 70 €.

Also, coffee costs 4 €, water 0,50 € and beer 6 €.

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Transport costs in Santorini

The best way to explore the island is to rent a quad or a motorbike. The price of quadruple per day is about 20-25 € and the price of the motorcycle is about 10-15 €. It is not very expensive and you can enjoy the island at your own pace.

If renting is not an option, you can take a taxi (the minimum fare is € 2.5) or other types of transport such as a bus (between € 1.5 and € 3 per trip).

The cost of gasoline on the island is 1.90 € per liter.