Watch dolphins play with kayakers in the Hudson River

This adorable video taken on the Hudson River will melt your heart! Some playful dolphins wanted to keep company by sailing alongside New York kayakers.

New Yorker Habiba Hussein was kayaking on the Hudson River, which runs along Manhattan's west side, when she spotted dolphins arcing above the water's surface. Habiba and a small group of kayakers while in the water and enjoying the wonderful view, to their surprise, were greeted by at least three different dolphins, who stayed in the area and kept them company for about an hour before being scared away by passing motor boats.

Watch the video she shared on social media.

The Hudson, despite the massive environmental pollution it suffered in the 1960s and 1970s, has now proven to be a welcoming environment for a variety of wildlife in recent years, with seals and even a humpback whale near Pier 84.