What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

Have you ever wondered what happens to your bag at an airport? When you get to the airport, you check in and then you hand off your luggage to airline attendants unless you are capable of taking them onto the plane. Firstly, the employees weigh the bags and put a sticker on them before they place them on a  slow moving long conveyor belt. And after that what really happens to them ? Many people wonder where bags get lost when they don’t make it to the destination, although they are big and clearly labeled. Your suitcase makes a long conveyor belt journey before ending up on the plane. It  might be subjected to further checks, including  X-ray , laser scanners and other machinery designed to detect banned substances.

The following video shows some amazing insightful footage into the baggage handling process with a 360-degree camera, attached to a checked suitcase. As you will see, it’s way more complicated  than you ever imagined where bags follows a long, strange, automated journey before they end up on the plane.