What is it to stay in the most remote Airbnb

Josh and Ollie from YouTube channel Jolly decided to visit the most remote and inaccessible airbnb in the UK.

It took them a long time until they reached the very edge of the UK, in search of the most inaccessible airbnb of the country -on the Shetland Island of Scotland- involving flying, driving, then getting on a propeller plane and then a ferry to get to an even smaller island, Papa Stour.

This island is only 2.5 miles long and is very easy to explore, discover amazing natural scenery and enjoy peace and quiet.

Located off the west coast of mainland Shetland, Papa Stour's coastline has been sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean to create an unparalleled spectacle of cliff scenery, stacks, arches and caves, supporting a range of marine flora and fauna.

Discover their adventure to the most remote Αirbnb in the video below and get ideas for your next trip!