13-Year-Old Built His Own Tiny House For Only $1,500

This is Luke Thill, a middle school student from Dubuque, Iowa, who built his first tiny house between 2016 and 2017 in his parents' backyard at the age of 13. It's an 89-square-foot structure located on a corner of his family's four-acre property that features a TV, seating area, mini refrigerator, and a fold-up dining room. As he explains in the video he posted on his YouTube channel, he started his tiny house project because he was "really bored" one summer! In the same video you will be able to see images of the construction process of the project. 

His family contributed a lot to the completion of this project, with his father helping him with the construction of the house and his mother with the interior furnishings. For the building materials, Luke used recycled materials but also, he raised money by doing various small jobs such as mowing lawns or bartering his work with the help of relatives and friends, for example an electrician neighbor installed wiring. He also accepted donations on the internet. The total cost to build the house was $1,500 and it took nearly one year to be completed.