With this map you can have Wi-Fi passwords from airports around the world

Every traveler spends several hours at the airport waiting for his flight. Most of them pass time on internet, scrolling through Instagram or watching a movie online. But sometimes people don't have access to internet and deny to pay a lot for it. The following map came to solve this problem.  

Computer security engineer and travel blogger Anil Polat launched an interactive map which offers its users WI-FI passwords of networks at airports worldwide. Now while you are waiting at the airport for your flight, you can have free internet connection to check your email, Social Media etc.  Through this map, the traveler will also receive information about where it’s the best spot to sit in order to have a better signal and specific instructions for entering the password.

On the map below you can find more than 130 airports from all over the world. Add this page to your bookmarks !