25 Unusual Maps That Might Change How You See The World

When you hear the word "map", your mind automatically goes to the boring and ordinary classic maps with graphic representations of the location of places in the world. But do not rush to conclusions!

Maps can become a source of information and knowledge in many interesting ways as they can summarize dozens of pieces of information in a unique, concise and highly descriptive way. When information is transformed into an image, what emerges is a unique way of narrating information with its own subtle rules and characteristics. Especially when it comes to maps that contain data on things we did not know existed or things we never wondered.

Some extremely interesting and different types of maps have recently been created, graphical representations that can take the form of graphs and diagrams and provide readers with an organized view of a particular event or study as a more entertaining form of information.

Below you will find some of the most unusual and creative maps that can change the way you see the world.