6 Reasons That Prove Italy Is The Most Beautiful Country On Earth

Italy is a dream for many travelers. For those who have already been there, have an undying penchant to keep coming back. You simply cannot narrow down the reasons why you love Italy, as there are many.  

Let us show you the best of Italy in photos.

1. Italian Landscape

Italy has a serene landscape. Nature has bestowed Italy with rolling hills, olive trees, vineyards, farmhouses, orchards, and lush green fields. Though climate and nature help, it's the efforts made by the government and citizens that have maintained the chastity of this land. Italy also has sprawling industries, but they don’t hamper the landscape.


2. Italian Regional Diversity

Italy's regional diversity makes it a destination worth living and visiting. Even remote villages have different dialects and different recipes. There is such diversity that the same food can taste different as you move along from one village to another.


3. Italian Artisans

A vacation is not enough to do justice to the artisans present throughout Italy. Everywhere you will find them adding their modern touch to ancient historical traditions. Everyone is pursuing their demands coming up with their masterpieces. You can rather plan an entire visit discovering these budding entrepreneurs.


4. Italian Coffee

Italians know coffee best. Even their traditional rich French neighbors don’t understand the magic of Italian coffee. Italians have coffee run in their bloodstreams. One main reason for this is that Italians don’t have access to the resources to make the signature coffee. So they head to cafes to quench their thirst. This is why Italians consider their cafes social hubs which thrive even in small villages.


5. Italian Culture

Italians have a deep-rooted culture that spans across centuries. There is a temple in Sicily that dates back to the 5th century BC. It’s not just the stone columns that attract attention, but a huge diversity of archaeological sites that turn into flower fields in spring every year. They speak an unknown language of the rise and fall of innumerable empires. Italians have a direct affinity with their deep-rooted culture. According to recent studies, Italy is home to at least half of the world's art treasures.


6. Italian Sense Of Style

We just cannot attribute Italian style sense to lavish brands and designers with rich portfolios. Style is something that is embedded in the DNA of every Italian. Even a school-going kid knows his style and won't step wrong with it. Rather, clumsy styling is an unclaimed offense in Italy.

So, check out these pictures and make sure to plan your next trip to Italy.