A Trip Through New York City in 1911

Back in the year 1911, SvenskaBiografteatern –a leading film production company from Sweden, paid a visit to the New York City during America’s trip. During the entire trip, the company went forward with shooting footage of numerous street scenes across the city. The film went on to survive through several years in its mint condition. Guy Jones –a famous YouTuber, went forward with creating the breathtaking edit of the film for 8 minutes. He considered slowing down the footage to its natural rate while adding ambient sounds at the same time. 

“A Trip Through New York City” was a film made in the year 1911 and is regarded as one of the most valuable treasures of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Earlier, the entire footage was black & white and grainy throughout. Denis Shiryaev –a YouTube wizard took up the task of transforming the vintage footage by ensuring a major 4K upgrade to the same. By using the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology, Shiryaev went forward with upscaling the unique footage of the New York City from the time of 1911. Using the glorious effects of 4K, he revealed the streets of New York back then like never before.

Colorizing the Vintage “A Trip Through New York City”

Shiryaev made use of the unique online toolkit for transforming the vintage footage into a journey filled with colors. At the same time, the team also went forward with combining high-end resolution that you would normally expect out of a modern-day 21st-century film. The film is now capable of playing at 60 frames on a per second basis.

The given technological feat for transforming the classic piece was carried out by utilizing the revolutionary Gigapixel Artificial Intelligence from Topaz Labs. At the same time, the technique of Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation was also utilized. These are high-end algorithms that are powered by the presence of neural networks. 

As per the official website of Topaz Labs, Gigapixel Artificial Intelligence is known to make use of the proprietary technology of Artistic Intelligence by Topaz for making clearer and sharper upscaled footage with the help of highly conventional upscaling tools. As per the reports, the given technology is known to make use of over million calculations while working on every pixel individually. 

As per the reports put forth by WenboBao belonging to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the revolutionary DAIN process is aimed at synthesizing non-existent frames between the respective original frames. On an overall basis, the technology of Artificial Intelligence pays respect to the original frame while imparting the same a highly modern touch, including digital elements, and including new dimensions for the creation of a highly extraordinary effect. 

The footage “A Trip Through New York City” was originally created by SvenskaBiografteatern. The vivid journey back in time is known to depict the metropolis that turned out to be similar in several ways.