Navigating the Big Apple: 30 Tips for Surviving in New York City

 A comprehensive guide to thriving in NYC...

1. "Treat service workers with kindness and respect, including receptionists, doormen, deli counter staff, janitors, and handymen."

2. "Avoid casually strolling on crowded sidewalks."

3. "If a convenience store doesn't have a cat, avoid eating there. It may not be sanitary. Instead, walk a little further to one that does have a cat."

4. "The walk signal is a suggestion, not a rule (or guarantee of safety)."

5. "The correct pronunciation is 'baconeggcheezz'."

6. "Avoid entering an empty subway car."

7. "Mind your own business."

8. "The correct pronunciation is 'HOW-stonstreet', not 'Houston St'."

9. "Walk at the pace of others on the sidewalk."


10. "Keep moving."

11. "Allow passengers to exit the train before attempting to board."

12. "If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us."

13. "Jaywalking is a right."

14. "Black clothing goes with everything."

15. "When walking in a group, don't take up the entire sidewalk."

16. "Know  multiple routes for getting to work and home, and be prepared to walk if needed."

17. "Use the restroom before leaving home."

18. "Avoid making eye contact."

19. "If you spot a celebrity, pretend you didn't see them and stay cool."

20. "Always ask for prices beforehand."

21. "Steer clear of bike lanes, as bicyclists may not be considerate."

22. "Consider hiring an exterminator."

23. "The cat at the convenience store is the manager. Don't question why it's sleeping on bread - it's in charge."

24. "Act like you belong."

25. "Be friendly and make connections with others, as the city is both large and small in terms of social circles."

26. "Wear earbuds."

27. "It's acceptable to cry in public, including on the subway."

28. "Stay on the right side of escalators."

29. "Learn to multitask."

30. "If the light on top of the taxi is not on, it's not available."