Portofino tourists ‘lingering’ while taking selfies could be fined £242

The picturesque Italian fishing village of Portofino, known for its Instagram-famous areas and celebrity appeal, has implemented a new €275 (£242) fine for tourists "lingering" to take selfies. The red zones in the popular village, located on the Italian Riviera southeast of Genoa, are now marked as "no waiting" areas due to the "anarchic chaos" caused by tourists pausing to snap photos, leading to congested pavements and continuous traffic jams.

Mayor Matteo Viacava aims to prevent dangerous situations resulting from the overcrowding during the tourist season, when thousands flock to see Portofino's brightly coloured houses and its charming harbour, a social media hot spot with 1.2 million #portofino posts on Instagram. Despite a population of just over 500, Portofino attracts famous names such as the Kardashian sisters, Beyoncé, Cher, and Mariah Carey.

In addition to the hashtag-worthy scenery, visitors can also explore the nearby 16th century fortress and historic museum, accessible by land or sea. The fine, introduced during the Easter weekend, will be in effect every morning until 6pm until the peak tourist season ends on October 15th. This measure is part of a larger effort by Italian officials to protect the country's cultural sites and historical monuments.