The Spectacular Water Slide AtCitta Del Mare, Sicily

Visiting the sea and enjoying its breathtaking view boosts your mood and its waves make you more relaxed. But don’t you think the mixture of the water slide and a sea of warm water is a little more fascinating and inspiring.

Yes, it really exists in Sicily, where the epic water slide at Citta Del Mare directly drops you in the great Mediterranean Sea.

Why Only Citta Del Mare’s Water Slide?

The Sicilian water slide is full of natural beauty from top to bottom. Here are a few reasons to choose the Citta Del Mare hotel and its water slide:

The different way to end the slide is quite thrilling that shoots you in the saline sea.

This water slide starts from the scenic Italian cliff.

The clear blue Mediterranean Sea at the bottom is also associated with peace and calm. 

The slide has three-levels, and you will drop into the Mediterranean Sea after enjoying the three pools, which means you will fall into four different water bodies.

Fun Pools And Slides

The Citta Del Mare is the world's craziest slide and the highest slide in Europe. They position the water slide over the cliff and have four series. Once you shoot into the Warm Sea, use a ladder to climb up again for another dive into the sea. 

On the way to the top of the slide, there are three little pools you can swim across. The Guest of this village hotel has free access to the unique pool and water slide. Watch this video to experience this yourself.

What Else Can You Enjoy At Citta Del Mare Hotel?

1. Citta Del Mare Park

It surrounds the eye-catching beauty with a large park that spreads over the area of 27 hectares. 

2. Luxurious Rooms 

The hotel has around 800 rooms with all the facilities like a fridge, TV, and safe. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the clear blue Mediterranean Sea from the terrace. 

3. Restaurant Facility

Citta Del Mare village hotel is 7 kilometer away from Terrasini town. But there is no need to worry because you can enjoy all the meals at the hotel’s restaurant. 

What a perfect trip it will be if you book a room at Citta Del Mare at a very reasonable price.