The map with the cheapest Airbnb prices in Europe

If you are looking for cheap holiday accommodation, this map shows you where to find the cheapest apartments in Europe.

A survey by shows an overview of Airbnb rental rates in Europe. If you are looking for a cheap accommodation for your holidays, here are the cheapest countries to rent a home.

According to the analysis of Vochercloud, FYROM and Albania are officially the cheapest rental countries.

The prices shown on the map are in sterling, but you can have an overview of the cost per person for each country.

The map shows that it is possible to sleep with Airbnb in Macedonia at about 26 pounds per night (about 29 euros) and in Albania with 27 pounds per night. Among the cheaper there are also Poland, Croatia, Germany (among the amazing cheap destinations) and Portugal (£ 45), one of the most popular summer destinations.

Which are the most expensive countries? Iceland followed Sweden and Andorra first. On average, an overnight stay in Iceland costs about 130 euros, in Sweden (82 euros) and about 79 euros in Andorra.

The study also highlights another aspect, there are destinations where prices are more advantageous if you are traveling as a couple or in a group.

Places to go in groups is Greece, Switzerland and Germany. Are you ready to book a vacation?

For more information visit the Vochercloud.