Unbelievable photos from the most impressive border between countries.

The world is naturally made without borders, but humans  impose boundaries to one country from another. Every time you hear the term "state border" ,in your mind you have the picture of guards, armed from top to toe, well-trained dogs, barbed wire and strict passport controls.But things are not always as you've imagined... in some cases the borders between many countries are determined by a line passing through a road, sidewalk or in the countryside.

In this article you will see some different and striking border separating from one to 4 countries.For example,at the border between Netherlands & Belgium, you can be in a café in the Netherlands and then you can be in Belgium for lunch or dinner. The borders of Haiti & The Dominican Republic are also impressive as there is a huge  difference between these two countries' natural environment because of limited deforestation in Haiti.

Below you will see some of these different borders that will surely surprise you !

Slovakia, Austria & Hungary

Bolivia & Brazil

Norway & Sweden

Netherlands & Belgium

Poland & Ukraine

Haiti & The Dominican Republic

Spain & Portugal

Macau & Mainland China

Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay

USA & Mexico