Washington, DC to Seattle, WA: A Complete Road Trip

Are you planning a trip to Seattle from Washington, DC? The chances are that you will get access to a myriad of options when it comes to traveling on this route. However, there is none compared to the overall fun and thrill of an ultimate road trip. In this post, we will help you get an understanding of the entire road trip itinerary from Washington DC to Seattle.

An Overview

The road trip that we are going to review commences at Washington during the early hours of the day while ending in Tacoma in WA –quite close to Seattle. The entire drive is around 4963 km or 3084 miles. During the entire trip, the states that are covered for an amazing road trip are:

District of Columbia


West Virginia











Top Destinations to Visit During the Classic Road Trip

If you are planning to travel from Washington to Seattle on road, there are several famous destinations that line your way. These are some of the not-to-miss-out destinations that you must visit to enhance the overall experience of your trip. Here are some for you take note of:

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland: The beautiful garden holds its history of being created by the partnership between Portland and Suzhou in China –regarded as the sister city of Portland. The botanical garden delivers amazing instance of great craftsmanship coupled with great design and nature. 

Bachelor Island, New Ridgefield: The island was given the name “Green Bryor Island” by some of the famous explorers like Clark and Lewis in the year 1805. As such, it has garnered the reputation of being a leading destination for both history buffs as well as nature lovers. The island is situated on the Columbia River –located quite close to Ridgefield. Currently, the island is a part of the expansive 5217 acres of the famous Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. 

Lake Sacajawea, Longview: It is a famous Washington lake that is renowned for its impressive stretch of around 3.5 miles. It is an attractive spot for outdoor enthusiasts –especially when you are on a road trip. You can follow the distinct paths under bridges while walking past amazing landscapes, gardens, and fountains. You should not miss out the mesmerizing Japanese gardens in the area.

Silver Lake, Silverlake: When you are heading towards Mount St. Helens situated in Washington, you can encounter the impressive Silver Lake spread out across an area of 3000 acres. Here, the visitors can come across ample fun-filled opportunities including boating, fishing, canoeing, and so more. If you are not fond of camping, you can also consider your accommodation option in the Silver Lake Resort with every room’s balcony overlooking the lake waters. 

Mount St. Helen’s Visitor Center, Castle Rock: You can learn about the famous volcano of Mount St. Helen in Castle Rock at various visitor centers. Every center is known to provide different aspects of history, stories, and great views for the visitors.