Best cities for New Year's Eve in America

Finding a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is important because it’s this time of the year when you look back on your achievements and want to celebrate the future. And as New Years Eve is approaching, it’s the right time to start looking for where you want to welcome the New Year.

While many of us love spending New Year’s Eve in home watching TV and wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers, others plan to travel these festive days with their favorite persons or even alone.

Either you prefer a place with great live music, a good bar and dream to spend a wild weekend or you want a place with warm weather, look the following list with the best cities all across the nation to spend NYE with unique celebrations, fireworks, local traditions and extravagant spectacle.

Los Angeles, California

If you don’t like snowy, cold places and you want to experience a warmer New Year’s Eve, escape to Los Angeles and be ready to enjoy crazy nights in nightclubs, cocktails at the beach or music concerts.

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New York City

New York City is, of course, the most famous place to spend New Year's Eve in the United States, thanks to the amazing, huge street party thrown each December 31st in Times Square. You also can go to one of the nearby parties to have the most memorable New Year’s Eve.

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Chicago, Illinois

This city offers both hot parties and opportunities for some family fun. If you love a cold December during the festive days then you have to visit Chicago on New Year’s Eve. You will also have the chance for a trip to the shores of the lake.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

The entire Strip is closed to traffic and around 300,000 people are gathering for one big party to welcome New Year in big celebrations and for sure it’s the best place to have a hangover with your friends. In addition to that, the casinos launch a huge fireworks display full of color and noise.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

If you love traditions for the turning of the year then you must visit New Orleans with its unique cultures, food, music and many festive locations for a special celebration.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

In December 31 there are quite a few events and festive ways to bid farewell to the past year and welcome the new one. In Honolulu, you can enjoy the special evening of NYE admiring the fireworks over both Waikiki Beach and the Aloha Tower Marketplace. The spectacular fireworks show is free and open to the public.

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